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Cultivate nutritive and healthy plants by using our offered Bio Fertilizers and Manures.

About Our Company

We all know that agricultural industry is one of the largest industries and we, K. N. Bio Sciences (India) Pvt. Ltd., are proud to inform you that we share a strong position in this industry. In the year 2003, we commenced our business journey and since then are known as a respectable agri solutions Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. Our offered solutions include Bio Control Agents, Bio Pesticides, Micronutrients & Organic Manures, Bio Fertilizers, Poultry Products and many more. We were formally known as K. N. Biotech and were involved in the Tissue Culture business.

We firmly believe that it’s high time for our farmers to opt for only organic and bio farming methods during the cultivation and growth of crops as it not only makes the crops healthy, pure and nutritive but also serves them many financial advantages. Through the methods of seed treatment, seedling root dip and soil treatment bio products can be applied to crops.

We are here to educate and train farmers on how to proceed with organic farming, if they are willing to learn. It is the idea of our mentor, our company’s owner and we are ready to abide to it.

What Is Bio and Organic Farming?

It is a kind of farming method in which only organic and bio ingredients like pets, fertilizers etc., are used for crop growth, cultivation etc.

Benefits of Organic Farming: 

Some advantages of organic farming are mentioned below:
  • Improves Soil Fertility
  • More profitable and productive results
  • It has positive effects on eco system
  • Nutrients of the crops are preserved due to organic materials
  • Provides safe and healthier environment
  • Reduces soil erosion
What Are Biological Products and Why Should Be Used?

Biologocal farming products are organic materials like fertilizers, bio pests etc., that are used in the farming process by the farmers. With the coming of green revolution these bio an organic materials have come in use. For better productivity, yield, eco-friendly reasons and to maintain the nutrients of the soil and crops these products should be used.

Benefits and Advantages of using Bio control agents, Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides are mentioned below:
  • It increases crop yield up to 20-30%
  • It replace chemicals like nitrogen and phosphorus by 25%
  • It stimulates plant growth and yield
  • It restores soil fertility
  • It provides protection against soil borne diseases
  • It is eco-friendly